New Christmas Single!
Release Day 28th of November 2020

Mike Fall – I Can’t Trust Nobody No More from Mikael Fall on Vimeo.

Mikael is aendorser

Plays Harmonica on:
Mike Fall - Goin' Home for Christmas [Single]
Mike Fall - Born In A Different Time
Mike Fall - I Can't Trust Nobody No More [SINGLE]
Mike Fall - When Fire Turns To Smoke
Album: “Nåväl” (2016)
Caroline af Ugglas
Album: “Alla Rosor Har En Tagg” Track: “Ett liv, lev med det”
Lisa Lystam Family Band - Give Me Everything
Lisa Lystam Family Band - When Money's Runnin' Out
Patrik Jansson Band
Michael Fannon
Lina Larsdotter