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2018 04 05 –

”Mike Fall har jobbat bakom otaliga musiker såsom Caroline Af Ugglas, Lars Winnerbäck och Brolle. Han börjar tack och lov ta allt mer plats i rampljuset för egen del, bland annat som en del av house/pop-duon Riverfall. För tre år sedan släppte Fall solodebuten i form av ep-skivan When fire turns to smoke, och nu är det dags för hans första fullängdare, Born in a different time. Influenserna av Tom Waits (särskilt Tom Waits tidigare jazz-år) är tydliga, i synnerhet i I can’t trust nobody no more. Men Fall står ändå på egna ben och har åstadkommit en trevlig jazzblandning med rock/pop-stråk. Bland de låtar som sticker ut lite extra kan nämnas titellåten och Black & White. Lägg därtill otroligt kompetenta studiomusiker och Fall är i mål. Fullängdsdebuten är lyssningsvärd och bådar gott för framtiden.” – Daniel Gustavsson


Stephen Harrison – Blues Matters Magazine, UK:

”This is a slightly unusual album. Not musically but for the inner sleeve details. It’s the first time I have seen the lyrics with verse 1 verse 2 chorus and the bridge explained where they fit into the song. I like that. I like that a lot.

Musically this is an exceptional offering. Born in A Different Time is the first track. One is immediately transported back to the 1920s in downtown New Orleans or downtown New York. Blues/jazz at its finest. 

I Can’t Trust Nobody No More has such powerful lyrics and a very powerful delivery effortlessly guided along by the upright piano inclusion. A man howling his tale of woe ably assisted by this awesome group of musicians.

Who Do You Think You Are has a definite Minnie The Moocher feel about it, great backing vocals complimented by even more harmonica playing by Fall himself.

I Can’t Get Satisfied propels you too a juke joint with strong whiskey and smoke whirling around the room. Without taking anything away from Fall and the band this could so easily have been performed by Billie Holiday herself. It’s that good. That in itself is testament to how good this album really is, not least because all lyrics music and arrangements have been done by Mike Fall.

The last song on the album Story of a Man does exactly what it says on the tin, a tale of a man’s struggle with life’s adversities and pain. This may not sound anything special from a blues tale but when you realize that Mike Fall is from the south of Sweden you then understand how effortlessly he makes you feel at home in the deep south of New Orleans.

It is very hard to pick a standout track on here because the album is littered with them. I cannot say anything else except do yourself a favour and add this too your collection. Enjoy. I certainly did.”

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